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Collaboration with Rimowa Luggage

I'm incredibly pleased to announce my collaboration with RIMOWA.With their luggage design inspired by the Junker aircraft, the RIMOWA suitcase is the perfect canvas for my aviation photography. It's an honour partner with a brand that loves airplanes and travel as much as I do.This "Ultimate Avgeek Carry-On", is to be part of the Design Exchange Design Auction on May 17, 2017.       

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Plane (Clothes) Spotting!

I've started a new section in my ABOUT page showing people who have been photographed in Very Plane Clothes. The first -- LA based celebrity designer, Patrick Delanty. The photoshoot happened at the most appropriate place in LA that I can imagine: the iconic Theme Building at LAX. Here he is wearing the HKG Bomber Jacket and the MEL t-shirt. Photos by Los Angeles based photographer Todd Squires.  

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Taking off!!!

After some maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO), Very Plane Clothes is ready to take off. Clothes for the plane nerd, or just anyone who is still fascinated with flight. I was lucky enough to do a photoshoot with some of the line at Frankfurt Airport, and was so happy with seeing the clothes next to a gorgeous and huge Boeing 777. Here is a sneak peek of what happened on the apron! Very Plane Clothes Fashion shoot at FRA from Laird Kay on Vimeo.    

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